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I am a photographer and writer based out of Ames, IA. I currently work as a staff photographer for the Iowa State Athletic Department and opinion columnist at the Iowa State Daily. I have previously worked as a photographer and editor for the Iowa State Daily as well as TREND Magazine. 

I have written a number of projects for school as well as personal projects. I have had four plays produced, two Ten Minute plays and two One Act plays, with two having multiple productions performed by regional companies as well as by my University.  I have also written a number of short film scripts and was able to direct and produce one of them with nothing but the money in my pockets. 

I am at heart a story teller. I am always open to work with anyone who has an open mind and a dedicated heart. If you have a story that you want told or a moment you want capture, no matter how silly you think it is, I am willing to work with you and make it happen!


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Phone Number: 515-661-7583

Instagram: grant_tetmeyer1


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